Common Procurement Vocabulary

44100000-1Construction materials and associated items
44110000-4Construction materials
44112000-8Miscellaneous building structures
44112110-2Shelter parts
44112120-5Profile sections
44112310-4Partition walls
44112410-5Roof frames
44112420-8Roof supports
44112430-1Roof trusses
44112500-3Roofing materials
44171000-9Plates (construction)
44172000-6Sheets (construction)
44192000-2Other miscellaneous construction materials
44210000-5Structures and parts of structures
44211000-2Prefabricated buildings
44211100-3Modular and portable buildings
44211300-5Field hospital
44211400-6Field kitchens
44212300-2Structures and parts
44212317-4Scaffolding structures
44212321-5Bus shelters
44212322-2Telephone booths
44212380-6Parts of structures
44470000-5Cast-iron products
45000000-7Construction work
45210000-2Building construction work
45211000-9Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses
45212000-6Construction work for buildings relating to leisure, sports, culture, lodging and restaurants
45213000-3Construction work for commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial buildings, buildings relating to transport
45214000-0Construction work for buildings relating to education and research
45215000-7Construction work for buildings relating to health and social services, for crematoriums and public conveniences
45216000-4Construction work for buildings relating to law and order or emergency services and for military buildings
45220000-5Engineering works and construction works
45222000-9Construction work for engineering works except bridges, tunnels, shafts and subways
45223000-6Structures construction work
45223100-7Assembly of metal structures
45223110-0Installation of metal structures
45223200-8Structural works
45223210-1Structural steelworks
45223220-4Structural shell work
45223500-1Reinforced-concrete structures
45223800-4Assembly and erection of prefabricated structures
45223810-7Prefabricated constructions
45223820-0Prefabricated units and components
45223821-7Prefabricated units
45223822-4Prefabricated components
45254000-2Construction work for mining and manufacturing
45255000-9Construction work for the oil and gas industry
45260000-7Roof works and other special trade construction works
45261000-4Erection and related works of roof frames and coverings
45262000-1Special trade construction works other than roof works
45262400-5Structural steel erection work
45262410-8Structural steel erection work for buildings
45262420-1Structural steel erection work for structures
45262650-2Cladding works
45300000-0Building installation work
45320000-6Insulation work
45321000-3Thermal insulation work
45323000-7Sound insulation work
45324000-4Plasterboard works
45400000-1Building completion work
45410000-4Plastering work
45421000-4Joinery work
45422000-1Carpentry installation work
45430000-0Floor and wall covering work
45431000-7Tiling work
45432000-4Floor-laying and covering, wall-covering and wall-papering work
45440000-3Painting and glazing work
45441000-0Glazing work
45443000-4Facade work
45450000-6Other building completion work